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The McCain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League is pleased to offer:

Semi-final Thursday / Aug 7th
Game #1 – FDSA Fredericton Inn Wanderers @ Fredericton Picaroons Reds
Kick-off – 8pm (BMO – UNB  – Fredericton)
Game #2 – Fundy United @ Tom Cormier’s Cooperators Codiac FT
Kick-off – 7:30pm (Rocky Stone – Centennial Park – Moncton)
Admission for both games is:
$5 for adults
$2 for students
U12 – Free



Fundy battles Wanderers to draw

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Fundy battles Wanderers to draw

   After losing 3-0 to the FDSA Fredericton Inn Wanderers at home on Monday night, Fundy United redeemed themselves last night at Scotiabank Park South.

   Fundy, last in the McCain New Brunswick Premier League standings, battled the Wanderers to a 1-1 draw.

   The Wanderers (4-8-2) are still two points back of the Fredericton Picaroons Reds for third place. Fundy remains last in the five-team league with a 1-11-0 record.

   Wanderers’ Colin McIsaac scored the first goal with a header in the dead centre of goalie Jacob Dunnett’s net off a corner kick from Marco Riedel.

   “It felt good to put one in, but we should have had a few more,” said McIsaac, who thought he had another goal early in the second half, but the play was called offside.

   Still, keeping possession of the ball for the majority of the game, the Wanderers looked like they would keep the lead and chalk up another victory against Fundy. But the visiting side’s luck changed with only a few minutes remaining.

   Almost a mirror image of McIsaac’s goal, Fundy’s Joe Robicheau got the tying goal with a header of his own into the centre of the net off a corner kick from teammate Alex Allison at the 86-minute mark.

   “I just said to Alex,‘Put it right behind the dot.’ He put it right where I wanted it, and I was ready to go,” said Robicheau.

   The game saw six yellow cards handed out, one to Fundy’s Robicheau and five to the Wanderers, including Clinton Doucette, Marcus Hallett, David Jamael, Craig Draper and Femi Adegbidi.

   Dylan Mitchell, who shut out Fundy three nights earlier, also had a clean sheet in the first half last night. He was substituted out in the second for usual starting keeper Makenzie Hill, who arrived late because he was coaching goalie clinics.

   “Dylan has been awesome,” McIsaac said. “Three shutout halves – that’s all you can ask of a keeper.”

   While Robicheau thinks his team stepped up and showed a noticeable improvement from Monday’s game, McIsaac thinks the Wanderers could have done better.

   “We didn’t bring it for all 90,” he said. “We had a lot of calls against us – a lot of yellows coming out – very suspect, but we had to deal with it. (We) just let up a bad goal at the end, I guess.”

   Despite controlling most of the play, McIsaac said it takes only one bad break to change the course of the game.

   “We had the ball for most of the half

   – most of the game, really – it was a bad break to get the corner. Then they made a nice play on it,”said McIsaac about the corner kick ultimately leading to the tying goal.

   “But we just pushed forward, kept the ball, tried to spread everything wide and send balls to the net. We almost got a couple, but it just wasn’t our night.”

   Robicheau said he’s anticipating another tough battle against the Wanderers on Sunday – their third straight game against the Fredericton team. Kickoff is 1 p.m. at Scotiabank Park North.

   “Playing the same team three times in a row is never easy, and tempers get a little high right away, but it will be a fun game for sure,”Robicheau said.

   Picaroons host Codiac First Touch tonight at 7 p.m. and take on the Wanderers at 6 p.m. Saturday, both at BMO Centre.

   “I anticipate a strong game, as usual,” McIsaac said.“Pretty tight, hard fought, chippy. They always are, but both teams will come out (hard). The most important thing now is to gear up for playoffs.”

PEI FC Win McCain NBPSL Regular Season Title

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P.E.I. F.C. wins New Brunswick soccer title
Jason MalloyPublished on July 18, 2014

SoccerStop P.E.I. F.C. is back on top.

The Island team defeated Codiac First Touch 3-0 in Moncton on Friday to clinch the McCain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League title. P.E.I. F.C. won the league in 2012, but finished third last year with a 10-5-1 record.

“We earned what we got this season,” Matt Thomson said after the game. “Nothing was given to us, nothing was an easy win. It was because we worked hard and played well as a team.”

Adam Lowther scored the winner on a first half breakaway. Thomson added the insurance goal midway through the second half by knocking home a low corner kick from Jimmie Mayaleh.

“The game broke wide open off that one,” Thomson explained. “They had to open up the midfield and we were able to get a lot of counters going.”

Moments later Jared Murphy added the dagger. Brett MacDonald earned the clean sheet, his sixth of the season, as P.E.I. F.C. improved to 13-1-1 while second-place Codiac dropped to 8-4-1.

“Our back-line played outstanding tonight, especially Max Maund and Ryan Casey,” Thomson said.

The title comes after the team’s future was uncertain this winter after longtime coach and organizer John Diamond took a step back.

“We had the discussion whether or not we should make the commitment to play in this league and it was an overwhelming yes,” Thomson said.

After Friday’s game coaches Dave Snowie and Bruce Norton told the players they should be proud of what they accomplished.

“We got the job done,” Thomson said. “Everybody is pleased with how the season turned out.”

Thomson and other members of the player management committee have said all season the team has been successful because of its depth. Thomson reiterated it again Friday, saying when substitutions were made the player coming in was more than capable of replacing the teammate going out.

“That’s a recipe for success,” he said.

The team concludes league play July 26 in Moncton against Codiac.


Reds defeat Wanderers

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P-Reds top Wanderers

   The Fredericton Picaroon Reds (5-7-1) earned take their second McCain Premier Soccer League victory in a row over the FDSA Fredericton Inn Wanderers (3-8-1) in the third matchup of the Elm City Derby Friday night at Scotia-bank Park South.

   Galen Smith scored the game’s only goal as the Reds registered a 1-0 victory.

   “It was one of those ones you were watching and just hoping, you know, it looks like it’s going in but you don’t know,” Smith said about the ball that trickled into the bottom left corner of the Wanderers’ net.

   But it took a while for a goal to be scored in the tightly matched game. With the Reds playing with only two subs, and the Wanderers sitting comfortably with five spares and an extra goalie, it was a hot and tiring game for the Reds.

   “That was a rough day, low numbers. This time in the summer sometimes people have other priorities with life – vacations, weddings, so on,”said Smith.

   “Hopefully we can have a bit more numbers and it will be another hard-fought battle and we hope to come out on top.”

   The Reds’ Louie Richard had the first real chance of the game with a perfect cross in front of the net, but the Wanderers defence would keep them at bay.

   There were few chances after Richard’s until Smith scored off a free kick 25 minutes in, barely making it into the net but giving the Reds the lead, and ultimately, the victory.

   “I was kind of upset because we lost our marks and it’s stuff we’ve been working on and its stuff we should know and it shouldn’t happen,” said Wanderers goalie MacKenzie Hill.

   But he said all 11 players are to blame for the goal, not just himself or the defence.

   “It was a little too far out for me to come out and get, and he put it in a nice spot.”

   Marking played a key role and he said he should have communicated with his players better, but said when it comes down to it, it was a nice goal.

   “So obviously I was pretty upset at the time. It ended up costing us the game, so we’ve got to get back to the drawing board.”

   Hill also said he touched the ball more than usual, which left him feeling gassed.

   “Not necessarily shots, but whether it be coming out and stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

   Not atypical for the matchup, yellow cards were handed out to both sides Marcus Hallet would get the first one of the game after taking out the Reds’ Victor Karosan from behind in an attempt to get the ball out of his half, but the free kick would be put right into the goalie’s hands.

   At the 37 minute mark, Karosan got a yellow card of his own for an illegal move on Marco Riedel at the 30-yard line.

   Rory Keys would have the last chance of the half, attempting to get a second goal for the Reds, but he would be called offside and the first half would see the Reds with the lead.

   The Wanderers came out stronger in the second half, dictating most of the play and creating a few more chances.

   Wanderers forward David Jamael had a chance to tie it early in the second half, but booted through the football goal posts.

   Hallet would come up with another chance with a perfectly crossed ball in front of Reds goalkeeper Luke Olmstead, but with no one there to put the final touch on the ball it would be wasted.

   The game continued back and forth, but the single goal stood up. Smith was proud of the Reds’ effort. “You always want to score more goals, but you’re proud with any win,” said Smith. “We worked hard, we came and we won a hard-fought game, so you take pride in that.” Hill and the Wanderers believe they can be better. “We’re not proud of this game, we know we can do better,”said Hill. “We will do better.” Reds backup Luke Olmstead picked up the clean sheet, filling in for starter Adam Grant, who is away. “We have two excellent goalies – so it’s really not a big worry,”said Smith. “There were a few tricky balls and he dealt with them very, very well.” Smith said he is looking forward to their fourth and final matchup against the Wanderers and the Reds are hoping to keep their lead.

   “They are always tight games and they’re going to come out playing quite hard, but hopefully we can keep the momentum going,”he said.

   “We won the last two, they won the first one, so it’s obviously anybody’s game, but it’s nice to be the ones winning right now.”

P-Reds, Wanderers battle for playoff spot

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P-Reds, Wanderers battle for playoff spot July 16 

   The Fredericton Picaroons Reds (4-7-1) and the FDSA Fredericton Inn Wanderers (3-7-1) are gearing up for the third instalment of the Elm City Derby on Friday night in McCain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League action.

   The teams have split the season series so far, with the Wanderers taking the first game 2-0 on June 21 and the P-Reds rebounding for a 3-0 win on July 4.

   The P-Reds won two of their last four games, including a 1-1 draw against the first-place P.E.I. FC on Sunday in P.E.I.

   The Wanderers have dropped two in a row and have given up a combined nine goals during that span.

   “In the last 25-20 minutes of the game, we seem to shut down,”said Wanderers coach Joe Ross.“It’s been a challenging thing to try to find a way to keep the boys going for a full 90 minutes.”

   Ross and the coaching staff isn’t sure if it’s an attitude, conditioning or depth issue that’s been troubling the Wanderers this season. The Wanderers are trying to find a solution sooner rather than later.

   “If we’re going to have success in the last half of the season, we’re going to have to change that. If not, that could be our Achilles heel, and it’s something the boys need to be conscious of,” Ross said.

   The P-Reds lead the Wanderers by three points and have four games remaining on their schedule. The Moncton Tom Cormier Co-operators Codiac First Touch (8-3-1) are in second with 25 points. P.E.I FC (12-1-1) is first with 35 points. Fundy United (1-10) is last with three points.

   The Wanderers aren’t using injuries as an excuse for their struggles.

   “It’s all about taking care of yourself. Every team goes through that, and it’s not an excuse. Yeah, you can have key injuries, but then other guys need to step up and fill that role,”Ross said.

   Codiac defeated the Wanderers 6-2 on Saturday night in Moncton. Wanderers goalkeeper McKenzie Hill called it one of the lowest points in the season for the team.

   “We’re going to have to test our mental toughness on Friday,” Hill said. “I think we’re going to bounce back fine. We just need to have a couple good practice sessions and be ready and sharp for the game.”

   Hill said despite letting six goals in the last game, it’s all water under the bridge, and he is focused heading into the game on Friday.

   “Mental toughness is huge. To tell you the truth, I think my play so far this season has been good, and that game doesn’t really reflect my play,”Hill said.

   As for the P-Reds, so far it’s been a July to remember – compared to a June to forget.

   “June couldn’t have gotten any worse for us,” said P-Reds player coach Jon Crossland. “We didn’t really have anywhere to go but up. The big thing on our side is our effort level has been higher and our player availability has been a lot more consistent over the last two weeks.”

   Crossland expects another physical and chippy game versus the Wanderers

   “It will be entertaining. We’re still two teams that are fighting to finish as high in the standings as possible, so this game is massive for both teams,” Cross-land said.

   Crossland hopes that the P-Reds will be able to spread their gap to six points over the Wanderers. The P-Reds have signed goalkeeper Luke Olmstead. Olmstead has been practising with the team for the past few weeks and played in net this past weekend against P.E.I FC. The 23-year-old Olmstead, who is from Fredericton, moved back from Newfoundland earlier this month and will help add depth to the P-Reds goal-tending with veteran Adam Grant.

   “It keeps those two competitive for playing time. Adam has done very well for us over the last three years. He’s never had anyone to push him or challenge him because he’s been the guy the last couple years here. Having Luke around will be good for that come playoff time,”Crossland said. The final sign ing date is July 31, and a team’s roster can be no bigger than 25 players.

   Game time is 8 p.m. at Scotiabank Park South.

   In McCain New Brunswick Women’s Premier Soccer League, Fundy United entertains the Fredericton Wanderers Under-21 team at Barker Field at 7 p.m

   Before the men’s match on Sunday the Under-21 Wanderers will host the Fredericton Picaroons Reds at 6 p.m. at Scotiabank park South.

   The Wanderers are off to Edmundston on Sunday for a 1 p.m. showdown against the Edmundston Honda Crazy Babes FC.

First Touch earn road victory

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First Touch earn road victory Times & TranscripT sTaff

THe Moncton Tom Cormier Co-operators Codiac First Touch edged Saint John Fundy United 2-1 in a McCain New Brunswick Premier Men’s Soccer League game played in foggy conditions last night at the Canada Games Stadium. Chris Yapi scored the game-winner with 15 minutes left in the second half. Mario Hennessey controlled a corner kick then back-heeled a pass to Yapi who delivered the decisive goal. Daniel Mallet, assisted by Connor Mc-Cumber, also scored for First Touch. Joe Robichaud replied for Fundy United. Codiac improved its record to 8-3-1 while Fundy United fell to (1-10-0).

Crazy Babes FC to Host WC Finals‏ viewing party

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Join, share and have a blast!!(https://www.facebook.com/events/511074098994542/)

We are proud to announce that the Edmundston Honda Crazy Babes FC & it’s sponsors Café D’la Vieille Forge and Energym have joined forces to host the FIFA World Cup Finals at the Cafe D’la Vieille Forge on Sunday at 3PM, July 13th!
Come and cheer on as two teams will compete to win the ultimate prize!! Everyone is invited (Yes, even those under 19!)…Invite your friends, your families and anyone else you may think of!!!
Some prizes can be won! Bringing non-perishable items will provide you additional chances to win!


Wanderers Host a viewing of the World Cup Final on July 13th

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The FDSA Fredericton Inn Fredericton Wanderers invite you to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Viewing held at the Capital Exhibit Centre on July 13th, 2014. Doors open at 2:00 pm – Kick off begins at 4:00 pm.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for youth under 14 years of age. The event will be wet/dry gathering.

Moosehead products and Pizza slices will be sold on site. Tons of door prizes by Moosehead to be won!

A FIFA 2014 Gaming Center will be on site wherein you can challenge your friends in a head to head match on Play Station and XBOX

We invite everyone in the Fredericton Community to join us in making this sporting event memorable for all.


Tickets can be purchased in advance by emailing your name and $10 to WanderersSC@gmail.com or by contacting any Wanderers SC player/ affiliate.

Link to event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/282158108622402/

Another round in soccer rivalry Friday

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Another round in soccer rivalry Friday
McCain Soccer | P-Reds host Wanderers in Elm City Derby II matchup

   It’s another big weekend for the two Fredericton-based soccer teams in Mc-Cain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League.

   The Fredericton Picaroons Reds (2-6-0) and the FDSA Fredericton Inn Wanderers (3-5-1) play a pair of home games this weekend, including one against each other on Friday night at 8 p.m. at the BMO Centre.

   The P-Reds are looking to avenge a 2-0 loss at the hands of the Wanderers on June 21 in the first leg of the Elm City Derby. The P-Reds have dropped five in a row and have been outscored 15-3 in that span.

   “It’s frustrating,” said P-Reds player/ coach Jon Crossland.“We’re struggling to score goals for sure. It’s not because of a lack of chances. I think we’ve created chances in every single game we’ve played, so the focus just needs to be there when we get the opportunity to finish them.”

   The P-Reds were 1-5 in the month of June.

   No better time to get things going than against a rival.

   “We’re excited to get out there and for lack of a better term, forget June and start fresh in July because June wasn’t a great month for us,”Crossland said.

   Crossland said the P-Reds haven’t been giving up a lot of chances, but the opportunities given the opposition have been costly. Crossland leads the P-Reds with three goals, while five other players are tied at one goal apiece.

   On Saturday, the Wanderers will play host to Fundy United (1-9) at 7 p.m. at Scotiabank Park South. On Sunday, the P-Reds will host Codiac First Touch (6-2-1) at 2 p.m. at the BMO Centre.

   The Wanderers are trying to extend their winning streak to three games when they hit the pitch on Friday.

   “We’ve been playing decently well all season,” said Wanderers co-coach Joe Ross.“Things just sort of clicked. Some of our guys have decided they were going to step up, and since then we’ve been OK and we hope to keep going in the same direction.”

   The Wanderers were 3-3 in the month of June, which included a 2-0 with over P.E.I. FC, the Island club’s only loss of the season, thus far. “Both games this weekend are must-win games if we want to get our record back to .500,” said Wanderers midfielder David Jamael. He leads the Wanderers offensively with six goals. Colin McIsaac and Zach Wood-Seems are tied for second on the Wanderers team scoring with three goals each. “It’s really easy to get excited for those games,”said Jamael.“They’re our cross town rivals and they’ve had a rough start to the season like we did as well I think it’s important for us to come out and set the tone early and not take them lightly. If we do, we’ll be pun ished,”Jamael said.

   The Wanderers will be without strik er Carl Speed, still nursing an Achilles tendon injury. Speed has played on ly one game this season, and there is no timetable on when he will return The Wanderers will also be without McIsaac and Dylan Hughes, who are attending the Cavendish Beach Music Festival all weekend. Centre-midfield er Max Legg is also out of the mix, away this weekend. Coach Matt DeCourcey is out of town for work, and Ross still has one game left on a three-game sus pension from their game against P.E. FC on June 15. Manager Chris James will serve as coach on Friday with Matt Foster assisting.

   On the P-Reds side, Galen Smith will be out of the lineup on Friday with an injury, but should be back on Sunday.

   The Picaroons Reds (3-0-2) and the FDSA Fredericton Wanderers Under 21 (0-3-1) women’s teams will play at 6 p.m. at the BMO Centre, prior to the men’s game on Friday.

   Admission is $5 for adults, $2 for students and free for kids under the age of 12. The price of admission will cover both men’s and women’s games.

   The U-21 Wanderers hosts FC Chaleur (2-2-2) on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Scotiabank Park South. The Reds will play the Edmundston-based Crazy Babes FC (1-5-1) on Saturday at 3 p.m. at the BMO Centre.

   On Sunday, the U-21 Wanderers travel to Petit-Rocher for a rematch against FC Chaleur at 12 p.m.

First Touch still working on fine-tuning their game

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New Brunswick Premier League resumes play this weekend
NEIL HODGE Times & TranscripT July 2nd

   Moncton Tom Cormier Co-operators First Touch head coach Patrick Gautreau answered quickly when asked about the things his club needs to work on in the second half of the regular season.

   “We need to make sure we tighten the screws defensively,” he said. “We also need to have a bit more sting offensively. We usually create very good scoring chances during the game, but sometimes we have problems pulling the trigger and making it count. We need to work on our finishing touch.

   “There’s no secrets within our team. Everybody knows what we have to do to fine tune our game before the playoffs.”

   Prince Edward Island FC (11-1-0 for 33 points) sits atop the McCain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League and Moncton (6-2-1 for 19 points) is runner-up. The standings are rounded out by the Fredericton Wanderers (3-5-1 for 10 points), Fredericton Reds (2-6-0 for six points) and Fundy United (1-9-0 for three points).

   League action will resume when the two Fredericton teams meet on Friday. Moncton will continue its 16-game regular season by facing the Reds on Sunday at 2 p.m. at BMO  Centre in Fredericton.

   Moncton’s only two losses came against P.E.I., which has a firm hold on first place overall in the league. Moncton is an original member of the five-year-old league and it’s looking for its first championship.

   “Everybody is really happy with the way our season is going so far,” said Gautreau. “The challenge now is to keep getting better and try to make sure we at least clinch second place. If we can catch P.E.I. for first place and beat them, that’s really a bonus.

   “We need to keep our eye on the prize which is winning the New Brunswick championship and going to nationals (in Vaughn, Ont., in October) We need to make sure that we keep our focus in the right place.”

   It’s only the four New Brunswick teams that participate in the league’s playoffs. P.E.I. automatically qualifies for nationals as a result of there only being one team in that province.

   “We’re focused on finishing first among the New Brunswick clubs in the regular season so that we have home-field advantage in the playoffs, said Gautreau.“That’s important to us We want to keep working on our overall game and make sure we’re peaking at the right time going into the playoffs.”